What makes us different

We’re proud to be a First Nation’s family-owned company providing a range of services primarily in culturally

appropriate disability care through NDIS. As a family, the lessons we learned over 20+ years, caring for our severely

disabled younger brother Shaun; the poor standard of available care and lack of cultural understanding, pushed us to

develop our own business model that could provide dignity, understanding and security for all our clients.

To do so we employ an extraordinary mix of carers from Australia including the Torres Strait

as well as the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. All have a special connection, empathy

and understanding of our client needs. As we grow, we intend to introduce transport/mobility

initiatives, training including music therapy and so much more to ensure our disability

clients reach their full potential.


The mind is a wonderful thing. With creative and practical classes in a wide range of activities available to all clients we can help unlock their full potential


Every one of our clients deserves care that combines empathy, dignity and the security of knowing that they’re in very good hands in every daily task.


Rich and diverse First Nation’s culture is imparted to appropriate clients which can add to and extend the wonder of a sense of belonging and identity.



ndis emergency accommodation



after hours school care

music therapy

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